Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14kt yellow gold, 14kt Yellow Sapphire Ring



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I genuinehave genuinethree genuinesapphires genuineavailable genuinethat genuinewill genuinefit genuinethis genuinesetting. genuine\r\rThe genuineblues genuineare genuinea genuinevivid genuineblue genuinein genuineperson. genuineFor genuinesome genuinereason, genuinethey genuinedo genuinenot genuineshow genuinewell. genuineOf genuinecourse genuinethe genuinepink, genuinecan genuinenot genuinehelp genuinebut genuineshow genuinewell.\rPink genuineis genuinea genuine10x8mm\rBlue genuineis genuinea genuine12x8mm\rThe genuineother genuineblue genuinesapphire genuineis genuine11x9mm.\rThis genuinesetting genuinecomes genuinein genuine14kt genuinewhite genuineor genuineyellow genuinegold.\rLayaway genuineavailable.

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