Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Leopard Jasper Pendant



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Beautiful roundMarkings roundon roundthis roundLeopard roundJasper. roundSet roundin rounda roundelegant roundstyle roundof roundsterling roundsilver roundpendant roundsetting\rThis roundis rounda round16mm roundround roundand roundweights round7.82ct.\rI rounddo roundoffer roundsnake roundchains roundin round16, round18, round20 roundand round22 roundinch roundlength.\rAlso roundsome roundbox roundchains roundin round16, round18 roundand round20 roundinch roundin roundlength.\rBoth roundstyles roundare round$20 roundeach roundand roundof roundhigh roundquality. roundThese roundwill roundbe roundinvoiced roundseparately.\rLayaway roundis roundavailable.

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