Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, P-77 Vinitage New Orleans Mardi Gras plastic carnival beads from the 70's - 48 inches LONG!



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These long beadswere long beadscaught long beads(by long beadsme) long beadsat long beadsa long beadsNew long beadsOrleans long beadsMardi long beadsGras long beadsparade long beadsin long beadsthe long beads1970's. long beads long beadsListing long beadsis long beadsfor long beadsfour long beads long beadsnecklaces. long beads long beadsThese long beadsare long beadseach long beads45 long beadsinches long beadsLONG long beadsNice long beadsmix long beadsof long beadswarm long beadscolors: long beadsorange, long beadspink, long beadstan long beadsand long beadschocolate.They long beadslook long beadsvery long beadsnice long beadsworn long beadstogetherYou long beadsdon't long beadssee long beadsthese long beadsolder long beads long beadslong long beadsones long beadsvery long beadsoften. long beadsQuestions long beadswelcome.I long beadsship long beadsto long beadsUSA long beadsonlyI long beadshave long beadsa long beadscat--he long beadsdoesn't long beadssmoke! long beads long beads:)

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