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sapphire, 5 Stone Blue Sapphire Band or Anniversary



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This blueband bluecontains blue5 bluegenuine blueblue bluesapphires. blueMeasureing blue3mm, blueeach.\rVery bluevivid blueblue. blueSet bluein bluesterlling bluesilver, bluemakes bluethis bluering blueaffordable.\rIf bluering blueneeds blueto bluebe blueresized blueit blueis bluean blueextra blue$12.00 blueplus bluethis blueis blueincluded bluein bluethe blueremounting bluefee blueto bluereset bluethese bluestones.\rThis bluering bluecan bluebe bluereset bluein bluegold blueat bluethe bluemarket blueprice.\rRing bluesize blue6.75\rLayaway blueavailable.

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