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st therese, St Therese Lisieux 8mm Chaplet w/Instructions



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Chaplet st thereseof st thereseSt st thereseTherese st theresewith st thereselaminated st thereseInstruction st theresecard st thereseand st thereseLaminated st theresePrayer st thereseCard. st therese24- st therese8mm st theresePINK st thereseglass st theresebeads st theresewith st therese1 st therese- st therese8mm st thereseJet st theresecrystal st theresebead, st theresestainless st theresesteel st theresechain st theresesections st thereseand st theresea st therese3/4 st thereseinch st thereseoxidized st thereseSt st thereseTherese st theresemedal.Length st thereseis st therese8 st therese st therese3/4 st thereseinches.Instructions st theresetell st thereseyou st theresehow st thereseto st theresepray st theresethe st theresechaplet.PATRON st thereseof st thereseAviators, st thereseFlorists, st thereseForeign st theresemissions, st theresebodily st thereseills, st thereseTuberculosis st therese& st thereseAIDS st theresesufferers.Feast st thereseDay st thereseOctober st therese1st

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