Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1940s, Vintage Chunky A-Symmetric Creamy White Lucite Bangle circa 1940s



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A 1940schunky 1940sAsymmetrical 1940sLucite 1940sBangle. 1940sIt 1940sprobably 1940sstarted 1940sout 1940swhite, 1940sbut 1940sthis 1940shas 1940snow 1940saged 1940sto 1940sa 1940sloved 1940screamy 1940sivory 1940stone. 1940s 1940sin 1940sA 1940swonderful 1940saddition 1940sto 1940sany 1940svintage 1940scollection 1940sor 1940soutfit! 1940sInner 1940scircumference 1940s8 1940sinchesThe 1940sbracelet 1940sis 1940sin 1940sfabulous 1940scondition 1940sfor 1940sit\u2019s 1940sage! 1940sLucite 1940swas 1940sfirst 1940smarketed 1940sby 1940sDuPont 1940sin 1940s1937 1940sand 1940sbegan 1940sto 1940sappear 1940sin 1940scostume 1940sjewellery 1940ssoon 1940safterwards. 1940sLike 1940sBakelite, 1940sit 1940sis 1940sa 1940sthermoset 1940splastic. 1940sLucite 1940scould 1940sbe 1940smoulded, 1940scast, 1940slaminated, 1940sinlaid 1940sand 1940scarved. 1940sAlthough 1940sin 1940sits 1940soriginal 1940sstate 1940sit 1940sis 1940sclear 1940sand 1940scolorless, 1940sit 1940scould 1940sbe 1940stinted 1940sany 1940scolour.Good 1940spieces 1940sare 1940svery 1940scollectible 1940sand 1940ssought 1940safter 1940sby 1940scollectors 1940sto 1940sthis 1940sday.

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