Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

10k Gold Geo Drop Earrings With Woodstatement, Pearlstatement, & Glass Beads



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Light beadsweight, beadshand beadsbeaded beadsdrop beadsearrings beadsin beads10K beadsgold.\u00a0 beadsNeutral beadsbeads beadsinclude beadswood, beadspearls, beadsCzech beadsglass.\u00a0These beadsare beadshandmade beadsin beadsMooresville, beadsNC beadsby beadsa beadssingle beadsmom beadswho beadsneeds beadsa beadscreative beadsoutlet. beadsEnjoy!____Weight beadsinfo: beadsEveryone beadshas beadsdifferent beadsweight beadstolerances beadsfor beadsthe beadsearlobes. beadsI've beadstried beadsto beadsindicate beadswhere beadsmy beadsearrings beadsfall, beadsso beadsyou'll beadsbe beadsaware beadsbefore beadsyou beadspurchase. beadsI beadspersonally beadscan't beadsgo beadsbeyond beadsmedium beadsweight beadswhich beadsI beadscan beadstolerate beadsthrough beadsa beadsday beadsin beadsthe beadsoffice beadsor beadsa beadsnight beadsout. beadsHeavy beadsweight beadswill beadsbe beadsthe beadsmajor beadsstatement beadsearrings beadsbut beadswill beadsnot beadsbe beadssuitable beadsfor beadseveryone.Light beadsWeight= beadsfeather beadslight beads(studs, beadspolymer beadsclays, beadssmall beadsglass beadsbeads)Medium beadsWeight= beadsMore beadsstructured beadsearrings beadswith beadsbeadingsHeavy beadsWeight= beadsMore beadsintricate, beadsstructured beadsstatement beadsearrings beadswith beadsgemstones beadsor beadsheavy beadsbeading.____Guarantee- beadsI'm beadsnew beadsat beadsjewelry beadsmaking beadsand beadsI beadsdefinitely beadswant beadsto beadsensure beadsyou beadscome beadsback beadsfor beadsmore. beadsIf beadsyou beadsexperience beadsany beadsissues beadswith beadsyour beadsjewelry, beadsplease beadsDM beadswith beadsdetails beadsme beadsand beadsI beadswill beadsmake beadsit beadsright. beads\u00a0\u00a0

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