Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

push back, Genuine Ruby Earrings



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Set 14k yellowin 14k yellowsterling 14k yellowsilver 14k yellowmakes 14k yellowthese 14k yellowrubys 14k yellowaffordable.These 14k yellowbeautys 14k yellowcan 14k yellowbe 14k yellowreset 14k yellowin 14k yellow14k 14k yellowyellow 14k yellowor 14k yellowwhite 14k yellowgold.Oval 14k yellowshape 14k yellowand 14k yellowtotal 14k yellowweight 14k yellowof 14k yellowthese 14k yellowrubies 14k yelloware 14k yellow1.84ct.Rubys 14k yellowmeasure 14k yellow6x4mmNot 14k yellowglass 14k yellowfilled.These 14k yellowrubies 14k yelloware 14k yellowa 14k yellowperfect 14k yellowmatch!Layaway 14k yellowavailable

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