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sterling silver, 3ct Emerald Cut Genuine Pigeon Blood Ruby Pendant



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This squarebeautiful squareRuby squareis squarejust squaresimply squarelovely. squareDeep squarered squareor squarePigeon squareBlood squarecolor.Set squarein squareSterling squareSilverMeasures square8x8mm squareand squareweights squarein squarejust squareslightly squareover square3ct.I squarewould squarelike squareto squarereset squarethis squareinto squarea squaremore squaredesirable squaresetting. squareOnce squareI squaredo, squareit squarewill squarebe squareposted.This squareRuby squarecan squarebe squarereset squarein square14k squareyellow squareor squarewhite squaregold squareand squaresetting squarecan squarebe squarechanged squareat squaremarket squareprice.Chain squareincluded.Layaway squareis squareavailable.

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