Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Azuriemexico, Malachitemexico, Qtz.



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This copper mineralsmassive copper mineralsquartz copper mineralsmatrix copper mineralsis copper mineralshost copper mineralsto copper mineralsa copper mineralscrust copper mineralsof copper mineralstiny copper minerals"blebs" copper mineralsof copper mineralsthe copper mineralscopper copper mineralscarbonate, copper mineralsazurite copper mineralsand copper mineralssome copper mineralssecondary copper mineralsmalachite. copper minerals copper mineralsIt copper mineralsmeasures copper minerals5 copper mineralsinches copper mineralslong, copper minerals3 copper minerals3/4 copper mineralswide copper mineralsand copper minerals1 copper minerals1/2 copper mineralsinch copper mineralsthick copper mineralsand copper mineralscomes copper mineralsfrom copper mineralsZacatecas, copper mineralsMexico. copper minerals copper mineralsA copper mineralsshowy copper mineralsand copper mineralscolorful copper mineralspiece.

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