Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

deco bedroom, Set of two custom porcelain fairy mouse pink boxes



In stock



Set candy boxconsisting candy boxof candy boxtwo candy boxboxes candy boxof candy boxporcelain candy boxwith candy boxthe candy boxsame candy boxpattern: candy boxpink candy boxfairy candy boxmouse candy boxand candy boxhis candy boxpowder candy boxwith candy boxtone candy boxon candy boxtone candy boxstars.Color candy boxchoice: candy boxturquoise, candy boxpink, candy boxpurple, candy boxblue.Box candy boxsizes:Small: candy boxdiameter: candy box7cm, candy boxheight: candy box3.5 candy boxcm.The candy boxlarge: candy boxdiameter candy box13cm, candy boxheight: candy box3.5 candy boxcm.Text candy boxon candy boxeach candy boxbox candy boxto candy boxtell candy boxme candy boxin candy boxa candy boxmessage candy boxwith candy boxthe candy boxname candy box(tooth candy boxbox, candy boxtreasure, candy boxcandy candy boxbox candy boxfrom... candy boxjewels candy boxof...)The candy boxpatterns candy boxof candy boxother candy boxboxes candy boxto candy boxteeth candy boxon candy boxmy candy boxshop candy boxcan candy boxbe candy boxmade candy boxto candy boxthe candy boxlarge candy boxbox candy boxalso. candy box(on candy boxrequest)Painted candy boxby candy boxhand candy boxin candy boxFrance.

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