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genuine, 10k Rose Gold & Sterling Silver White Sapphire Earrings



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Etsy white sapphiresis white sapphireshaving white sapphiressome white sapphiresdifficulty white sapphireswith white sapphiresads white sapphiresthat white sapphiressay white sapphiresOrigin white sapphiresis white sapphiresfrom white sapphiresHong white sapphiresKong. white sapphiresIT white sapphireshas white sapphiresbeen white sapphiresgoing white sapphireson white sapphiresin white sapphiresmy white sapphiresshop white sapphiresfor white sapphiressometime.They white sapphiresare white sapphiresNOT white sapphiresfrom white sapphiresHong white sapphiresKong white sapphiresbut white sapphiresindeed white sapphiresthe white sapphiresUnited white sapphiresStates. white sapphiresI white sapphireslive white sapphiresin white sapphiresthe white sapphiresU.S.....not white sapphiresHong white sapphiresKong.Beautiful white sapphiresand white sapphiresclassy!!Total white sapphiresweight white sapphiresof white sapphiressapphires white sapphiresis white sapphires.30ctClarity white sapphiresof white sapphiressapphire white sapphiresVVSColor white sapphiresDLength white sapphires: white sapphires20.mmWidth white sapphires white sapphires: white sapphires4.5Weight: white sapphires5.75 white sapphiresgramLayaway white sapphiresavailable.

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