Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Custom order for Steve 4ct Double Star Blue Sapphire



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Custom blueorder bluefor blueSteve***This bluering blueof bluesterling bluesilver bluewill bluebe bluemade blueinto bluean blue18k bluewhite bluegold bluesetting bluesize blue7***Set bluein bluea bluesterling bluesilver bluemakes bluethis bluegem blueaffordableCan bluebe bluereset bluein blue14k blueor blue18k bluesolid bluewhite, blueyellow blueor bluerose bluegold.Weighting bluein blueat blue4ctIt blueis bluea bluedouble bluestar, blueGenuine blueStar blueSapphire. blue blueVery bluenice bluecolor blueof blueblue blueas bluewell.Ring bluesize blue7 blueand bluecan bluebe blueresize.This blueStar blueSapphire bluecan bluebe bluereset bluein blue14k blueor blue18k, blueyellow, bluewhite blueor bluerose bluegold.Layaway blueavailable.

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