Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower, Vintage Rose Cameo Mirror Pendant double sided



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This goldgorgeous goldvintage goldpendant goldis goldgoldtoned goldwith golda goldlarge goldblack goldbase goldwith golda goldprong goldset goldpeachy goldpink goldrose gold... goldFramed goldmirror goldon goldback gold... goldSigned goldAvon gold... goldVery goldnice goldcondition goldwith goldnormal goldvintage goldwearMeasures goldapprox. gold2-1/2" goldx gold1-3/4"If goldyou goldhave goldany goldquestions, goldetc., goldPlease golddon't goldhesitate goldto goldcontact goldme.Thanks goldfor goldstopping goldby goldand goldhave golda goldblessed goldday, goldRobin gold:)

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