Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hands fullheart, heart full mother's grandmother's necklace with birthstones and heart charm



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This handsnecklace handsis handsmade handswith handsone handscircle handstag. handsIt handsis handsan handsaluminum handsdisc handsand handsis hands1 hands1/2" handsin handsdiameter. handsIt handsis handshand handsstamped handsone handsletter handsat handsa handstime handsby handsme. hands handsThis handslisting handsis handsfor handsa handsnecklace handswith hands5 handsstones/pearls. handsIf handsyou handswould handslike handsfewer handsor handsmore handsstones/pearls, handsyou handscan handssend handsme handsa handsconvo handsand handsI handswill handsmake handsa handsreserved handslisting handsfor handsyou. handsYou handsmay handschoose handsbetween handsa hands16" handsor hands18" handsstainless handssteel handsball handschain hands(or handsadd handsan handsextra handsfee handsfor handsa handslonger handschain). handsUpon handscheckout handsin handsthe hands"note handsto handsseller" handsbox, handsplease handsgive handsme handsthe handsfollowing handsinformation:1. handsWhich handsbirthstones handsyou handswould handslike handsaccording handsto handsmonths.Please handsask handsif handsyou handshave handsany handsquestions. handsI handswould handsbe handshappy handsto handshelp!If handsyou handswant handssomething handslike handsthis, handsand handsI handsdon't handshave handsone handslisted, handsjust handsask. handsI handswould handslove handsto handshelp handsmake handswhat handsyou handswant. hands:) handsYou handscan handsalso handsjust handsemail handsfor handsa handsprice handsquote handson handswhat handsyou handswould handslike.Please handsNote:All handspendants handsare handspersonally handsmade handsby handsme. handsNo handspendant handsis handsexactly handsthe handssame. handsEach handscreation handsis handsunique, handsso handsthere handsmay handsbe handsdifferences handsin handsletter handsplacement, handsdepth, handsand handsspacing. handsThis handsis handsnot handsa handsdefect. handsIt handsis handswhat handsgives handsuniqueness handsand handscharacter handsto handseach handspiece. handsI handswill handsship handsthis handsout handswithin hands2-7 handsdays handsof handspayment. handsThanks handsfor handslooking handsand handshave handsa handsblessed handsday!

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