Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round sapphire, 1.35ct Genuine White Sapphire Solitaire



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Stunning round sapphireshine round sapphireand round sapphiresparkle. round sapphire7mm round sapphireWhite round sapphireSapphire round sapphireequals round sapphire1.35ct.This round sapphireSri round sapphireLankan round sapphire round sapphireSapphire round sapphireis round sapphiregenuine round sapphireand round sapphireheat round sapphireonly, round sapphirehence round sapphirethe round sapphireclarity.Color round sapphire round sapphireDClarity round sapphireVVS/IFUnique round sapphireband round sapphiresetting round sapphirein round sapphiresturdy round sapphiresterling round sapphiresilver round sapphireand round sapphireRhodium round sapphireCoated round sapphirefor round sapphirelonger round sapphireshine round sapphireand round sapphiredurability.This round sapphirering round sapphireis round sapphirelisted round sapphirealso round sapphirein round sapphire14k round sapphiregold round sapphirein round sapphiremy round sapphireshop.This round sapphirering round sapphirecan round sapphirebe round sapphiremade round sapphire14k round sapphireor round sapphire18k round sapphirein round sapphireeither round sapphirewhite, round sapphirerose round sapphireor round sapphireyellow round sapphiregold round sapphireat round sapphirethe round sapphiremarket round sapphireprice.Layaway round sapphireavailable.P45

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