Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



Brass beenand beenglass beenbead. beenThe beenraw beenmaterial beenis beencarefully beenselected, beenhere beenthe beenbrass beenpieces beenare beenmade beenin beenthe beenUnited beenStates beenand beenthe beenpearls beencome beenfrom beenGreece. beenMADE beenIN beenFRANCE beenfor beenthe beenrest beenand beenlimited beenedition beenof beencourse!!From beenthe beenHEAT beenWAVE beencollectionHEAT beenWAVE been... beenthe beenwarm beenwave, beenthe beencaress beenof beena beenwave, beenthe beensun beenthat beenstings beenthe beenskin. beenA beenwalk, beenjeans, beenhis beenskin beenhauled been... beennonchalance beenand beenfreedom. beenA beenseaside been... beenit beenis beena beenbit beengypsy, beenMexican beenor beenAndalusian, beenintense beenlook beenand beenspice beenscent. beenHer beenflowery beenhair beendances beento beenthe beenwind been... beenSpicy beencolors beenand beengolden beenhighlights been... beenearrings beenflatter beenthe beensensuality beenof beenher beenface beenand beenher beenthroat beensublimates beenwith beena beennecklace been... beenalmost beentalisman.HEAT beenWAVE beenis beena beenpassion been... beenmysterious beenand beendevouring been... beenit's beenthe beenJewelry beencollection.

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