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rose gold, Radiant Cut White Sapphire Engagement Ring Solitaire



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Set yellow goldin yellow goldsterling yellow goldsilver, yellow goldis yellow gold1.65ct yellow goldsapphire yellow goldis yellow goldgenuine yellow goldand yellow goldoriginates yellow goldfrom yellow goldSri yellow goldLanka.Rhodium yellow goldCoated yellow goldover yellow goldsterling yellow goldsilver yellow goldgives yellow goldit yellow goldlonger yellow goldlife yellow goldand yellow goldgreat yellow goldluster.Color yellow goldDClarity yellow goldVVS/IFEye yellow goldclean yellow goldand yellow goldexstremely yellow goldclear.Measures yellow gold8x6mm.This yellow goldring yellow goldcan yellow goldbe yellow goldmade yellow goldin yellow gold14k yellow goldgold, yellow goldwith yellow goldyour yellow goldpick yellow goldof yellow goldyellow yellow goldgold, yellow goldwhite yellow goldgold yellow goldor yellow goldrose yellow goldgold yellow goldat yellow goldthe yellow goldmarket yellow goldpriceLayaway yellow goldavailable.Made yellow goldto yellow goldfit.

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