Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Natural Wonder: Teardrop Agate Pendant with Creamtopaz, Coffee and Blue Striations; Opalstopaz, Copper Loop Chain; Faceted Topaz Necklace



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The creamcolors creamand creamstone creamstriations creamlook creamlike creamearth, creamsky creamand creamwater creamall creamrepresented creamin creamone creambeautiful creamstone. cream creamThe creamcopper creamis creama creamgreat creamaccent creamto creambring creamout creamthe creamnatural creamcoloring creamin creamthe creamagate creamand creamthe creamaccompanying creamopal creamcharm. creamI creamhand creamwrapped creamthe creamstones creamwith creama creambright creamcopper creamwire.This creamnecklace creammeasures cream17 creaminches creamlong creamand creamis creamfinished creamwith creama creamcopper creamlobster creamclasp. creamI creamadded creama creamsmall creamfaceted creamtopaz creamat creamthe creamclasp creamto creamdangle creamon creamthe creamback creamof creamthe creamneck.Agate creamDimensions: cream49x26x6mmOpal creamDimensions: cream8x7x2mmTopaz creamDimensions: cream4x4x4mmYour creamnecklace creamwill creamarrive creamin creama creamwhite creamgift creambox creamtied creamwith creamblack creamgrosgrain creamribbon creamand creaminclude creama creampink creamorganza creamgift creambag creamfor creamstorage creamand creamsafekeeping!Thank creamyou creamfor creamvisiting creammy creamshop-Ahnna

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