Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aventurine, Lucky: Rough cut stone; Aventurine; Nugget bead; Lariat; Brown Leather Cord; natural stone; green; boho;



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This bohois bohosuch bohoa bohobeautiful bohostone bohoand bohoa bohogreat bohosummer bohonecklace! boho bohoThe bohoaventurine bohois bohovaried bohoshades bohoof bohogreen bohoexhibiting bohomany bohoinclusions bohowhich bohomakes bohothis bohoa bohovery bohocool bohostone! boho bohoThe bohonecklace bohomeasures boho19 bohoinches bohoand bohois bohodesigned bohoto bohobe bohoworn bohoas bohoa boholariat boho(though bohoyou bohocould bohowear bohoit bohoas bohoa boholong, bohoboho bohonecklace bohoas bohowell)!Aventurine bohoDimensions: boho20x25x12mmGemstone bohoFacts:Aventurine bohogemstones bohocan bohorange bohofrom bohoa boholight bohoto bohodark bohogreen bohocolor. bohoThe bohogreen bohocoloring bohoagent bohoof bohogreen bohoAventurine bohois bohoFuschite, bohowhich bohois bohoa bohochromium-rich bohovariety bohoof bohoMucovite. bohoThe bohoFuschite bohois bohousually bohofinely bohoincluded bohowithin bohothe bohoQuartz, bohosometimes bohovery bohoheavily. bohoFor bohothis bohoreason, bohoAventurine bohois bohosometimes bohoclassified bohoas bohoa bohorock bohosince bohoit bohois bohotechnically bohoa bohocombination bohoof bohotwo bohominerals bohoHowever, bohomost bohoexperts bohostill bohotreat bohoAventurine bohoas bohoa bohovariety bohoof bohoQuartz, bohoas bohothe bohoFuschite bohois bohomore boholikely bohoan bohoinclusions bohorather bohothan bohoa bohomineral bohocombination.The bohoshimmering bohoor bohoglistening bohoeffect bohoexhibited bohoon bohoAventurine bohois bohoknown bohoas boho"aventurescence".Your bohonew bohonecklace bohowill bohobe bohoshipped bohoin bohoa bohowhite bohogift bohobox bohowith bohoblack bohoribbon bohoalong bohowith bohoa bohopretty bohoorganza bohogift bohobag bohofor bohostorage bohoand bohosafekeeping!Thank bohoyou bohofor boholooking,Ahnna

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