Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Trillion White Sapphire Pendant



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Beautiful roseand rosediamond roselike rosethis rosetriangle/trillion roseshape rosegenuine roseWhite roseSapphire roseis rosevery rosevery roseshiny roseand rosebrilliant.This roseSri roseLankan roseWhite roseSapphire rosemeasures rose5mm roseand roseis rosejust roseover rose.50ct.Sapphire rosehas rosea rosehardness roseof rose9Diamond rosehas rosea rosehardness roseof rose10.So, roseif rosesomeone roseask roseyou roseis roseit rosereal....the roseanswer roseis roseYES.Can rosebe rosereset rosein roseyellow, rosewhite roseor roserose rosegold.Layaway roseavailable.

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