Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 1.25ct Genuine White Sapphire Pendant



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So sterling silverDiamond sterling silverlike... sterling silverI sterling silverhas sterling silverthe sterling silvermost sterling silveramazing sterling silverfaceting.This sterling silveroval sterling silvershaped sterling silverWhite sterling silverSapphires sterling silverhales sterling silverfrom sterling silverSri sterling silverLanka.Set sterling silverin sterling silvera sterling silverbezel sterling silversetting.Measuring sterling silver8x6mm sterling silver=1.25Color sterling silverDClarity sterling silverVVS/IFGenuine sterling silverand sterling silverheated sterling silveronly, sterling silverhence sterling silverthe sterling silverclarity sterling silverand sterling silvercolor.Hardness sterling silverof sterling silver9.Diamonds sterling silverare sterling silvera sterling silver10.Set sterling silverin sterling silveraffordable sterling silversterling sterling silversilver.Can sterling silverbe sterling silverreset sterling silverin sterling silveryellow, sterling silverwhite sterling silveror sterling silverrose sterling silvergold.

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