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circle studs, Silver Cirlce Studs



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These simplecute simpleand simpledainty simplesterling simplesilver simplestuds simpleare simplehandmade simplefrom simple1.20 simplemm simplewire, simple simplecircumference simpleof simplethe simplecircle simpleapprox simple10 simplemm simplewith simplesterling simplesilver simplebutterfly simplebacks. simpleGreat simpleas simplea simplepresent simpleor simplea simplelittle simpletreat simplefor simpleyourself!Choose simplefrom simplethree simpledifferent simplefinishes/textures:Plain/PolishedTexturedHammered simpleLines.Versatile simpleenough simpleto simplewear simpleevery simpleday, simpleand simplesuit simpleany simpleoccasion, simpleit simplemakes simplea simpleperfect simplegift simpleto simpletreasure.Packaged simplein simplea simplegift simplebox simplethese simplecute simpleStuds simplecan simplebe simplesent simplewith simplea simplemessage simpledirectly simpleto simpleyour simplegift simplerecipient.

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