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rose gold, 14kt - .76tcw Genuine Princess White Sapphire



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Beautiful screw backPrincess screw backCut screw backWhite screw backSapphire. screw backOrigin: screw backSri screw backLankaMeasures screw back4x4mm, screw backequals screw back.38ct.These screw backwhite screw backsapphires screw backearrings screw backare screw backset screw backin screw back14kt screw backscrew screw backbacksMade screw backto screw backnever screw backtake screw backoff screw backyour screw backear.Very screw backDiamond screw backLike!Can screw backbe screw backset screw backin screw backyellow screw backgold screw backwhite screw backgold screw backand screw backrose screw backgold.Layaway screw backavailable screw backNo screw backDeadlines screw backon screw backthe screw backlayaway.

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