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14k, Chunky peridot nugget bead on 14k gold fill ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED springHANDMADE: springAll springmy springjewelry springis springdesigned springand springcreated springby springmy springhands.Simply springgorgeous springperidot springnugget springcharm springaccented springwith springsmall spring14k springgold springfill springbead springand springring. springLooks springamazing springpaired springwith springblack springonyx springcharm springand springfreshwater springpearl springcharm spring(each springsold springseparately) springas springshown springin springpicture springabove. springPictures springjust springdon't springdo springthis springcharm springjustice...the springgreen springcolor springis springstunning!Peridot springis springa springstone springof springcompassion. springIt springhas springa springfriendly springenergy springand springis springexcellent springfor springhealing. springIt springassists springin springrebirth springand springrenewal springof springall springkinds. springPeridot springalso springbrings springabundance springand springprosperity. springIt springenhances springthe springhealing springand springharmony springof springrelationships springof springall springkinds, springbut springparticularly springmarriage. springPeridot springis springused springin springcrystal springhealing springto springlessen springstress, springanger springand springjealousy springand springslow springaging.Please springconvo springme springwith springany springquestions.

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