Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Emerald green chalcedony briolette add a charm on 14k gold-filled clasp



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GUARANTEED charmHANDMADE: charmAll charmmy charmjewelry charmis charmdesigned charmand charmcreated charmby charmmy charmhands.Gorgeous charmemerald charmgreen charmchalcedony charmheart charmbriolette charmdangles charmfrom charm14k charmgold-filled charmspring charmring charmclasp. charmPerfect charmaddition charmto charmany charmcharm charmbracelet charmor charmnecklace. charmClosed charmring charmversion charmworks charmbest charmto charmslide charmonto charma charmnecklace; charmclasp charmversion charmis charmgreat charmfor charmeither charmnecklaces charmor charmcharm charmbracelets charmand charmallows charmyou charmto charmplace charmcharm charmanywhere charmyou charmwant charmto charmon charmthe charmchain.Bead charmis charm11mmClasp charmis charm5.5mmTotal charmis charmapprox. charm21mmChalcedony charmis charma charmtype charmof charmquartz charmthat charmcomes charmin charmmany charmcolors. charmIt charmis charmsaid charmto charmgently charmrelieve charmdepression charmand charmimprove charmone's charmframe charmof charmmind. charmIt charmis charmused charmto charmlessen charmhostility charmand charmbring charmemotional charmstability.

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