Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white gold, 14kt White Sapphire Pendant



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This 7mmis 7mma 7mmbeautiful 7mm7mm 7mm(1.45ct) 7mm14kt 7mmyellow 7mmgold 7mmpendant. 7mmThe 7mmswivel 7mmshank 7mmso 7mmthat 7mmthe 7mmpendant 7mmlays 7mmnicely.Can 7mmbe 7mmreset 7mmin 7mmwhite 7mmgold 7mmas 7mmwell.Bezel 7mmsetting. 7mmGenuine 7mmand 7mmVery 7mmdiamond 7mmlooking. 7mmEye 7mmclean.Color 7mmis 7mmDClarity 7mmVVS/IF.Diamonds 7mmhave 7mmthe 7mmhardness 7mmof 7mm10, 7mmsapphire 7mmhave 7mma 7mmhardness 7mmof 7mm9.And 7mmall 7mmthis 7mmfor 7mmthe 7mmfraction 7mmof 7mmthe 7mmprice 7mmof 7mma 7mmdiamond.Layaway 7mmavailable.Demi.169003 7mmand 7mm245310

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