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sri lanka, 2.35ct 14kt White Sapphire Pendant



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Awesome sri lankaclarity sri lankaand sri lankacolor. sri lankaThis sri lankawhite sri lankasapphire sri lankahales sri lankafrom sri lankaSriLanka. sri lankaNormal sri lankaheating sri lankaonly.Set sri lankain sri lanka14kt sri lankawhite sri lankagold, sri lankathis sri lanka8mm= sri lanka2.35ct, sri lankaround sri lankais sri lankaso sri lankadiamond sri lankalike. sri lankaIn sri lankafact, sri lankait sri lankalooks sri lankabetter!Can sri lankabe sri lankaset sri lankain sri lanka14kt sri lankayellow sri lankagold sri lankaalso. sri lankaColor sri lankaof sri lankaD sri lankaand sri lankaClarity sri lankaof sri lankaVVS-IF..For sri lankahardness, sri lankathe sri lankaonly sri lankathing sri lankathat sri lankabeats sri lankait sri lankais sri lankaa sri lankadiamond.On sri lankaa sri lankamohn sri lankascale sri lankaDiamonds sri lankaarea sri lankaa sri lanka10 sri lankaand sri lankaSapphires sri lankaare sri lankaa sri lanka9.Layaway sri lankaavailable. sri lankaJust sri lankaa sri lankalittle sri lankadown sri lankawill sri lankareserve sri lankathis sri lankasapphire sri lankapendant sri lankaand sri lankathen sri lankayou sri lankamake sri lankathe sri lankaterms.Let sri lankame sri lankaknow sri lankayour sri lankalocation, sri lankaI sri lankacan sri lankaship sri lankamost sri lankaanywhere. sri lankaI sri lankacan sri lankaadd sri lankathe sri lankalocation sri lankato sri lankamy sri lankaad.

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